I need pills

I lay down

I feel like taking drugs, I feel like floating

I need extasy, coca, brain stimulation, chill out pills, kraks, antibiotics

I locked the doors, I closed the windows

I can here things, I see stuff : conversations, situations, horses, I even saw love happening…

I’m walking on air, feeling light like 0,0000000000001 pounds

I realy need to sleep…it’s been 4 days ..My eyes do not know how to close, my mind won’t shut down, the pain is alive all night, like a shiny moon

I just need to go somewhere, walking on beds, someone is reading me a bedstory, someone is waching my nap and someone is right beside me, holding me tight

I see a bed.

I will not wake up soon…. don’t wait for me, but you can stil dream of me